"Hi Neighbour" is a group of professionals, volunteers and dedicated individuals who are helping people in nedd of support for development.

We support the right on development of chilgren, young and adults throug group and developmental activities realised on a teritory of our country.

We belive that by supporting the development and contribute to development of community.

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"Meeting each other always presents joy, joy of growth and development. Exchange of trust and emotions help energy to flow. This is happening because all important emotions, which we cherish, grow from contacts with other human beings, they are attached to others and our relations with them.  

After we meet, we look around our selves, we see the world differently and we see and feel our selves differently. The meeting of people is sometimes gentle, sometimes is heavy, but, when it happens, it drives the energy of development on both sides. There are no one-sided meetings. Meeting between people cannot be important for one and unimportant for the other side. There are  no meetings without giving and receiving from both sides.

They meet: mother and a child, child and a mother, a friend and a friend, a child and an adult, an adult and a child, man and women, women and man, a human being and a human being...".

 Prof. dr Jovan Savić (from the book „Circles of the joint activity")